Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

As of September 2018 the support group has an updated specially converted vehicle, capable of carrying a wheelchair-bound passenger plus two people in addition to the driver.  The vehicle has a vertically opening rear door with ramp, and an electric winch to ease entry for a wheelchair or mobility scooter.  Our previous vehicle, dubbed “the popemobile” served us well for many years but was acquired at a time when wheelchairs and scooters were much smaller than today’s models.

Pictured above with the new vehicle are (l to r) Glyn Mannion-Butler, Vicky Norton (Chairman), Elizabeth McNabb (Co-ordinator) and Stuart Groves.  We are very grateful to volunteers Glyn and Stuart for their hard work in locating the new vehicle for us.

The vehicle is available for hire and can be driven by one of our volunteers or anyone else with a full driving licence and of the age of 25 years or over.

For further details contact the office on 01823 681036